13 Persones revelen l’única cosa que finalment els va fer exercici d’amor

Si no us apassiona el vostre entrenament, no us quedareu per última vegada. Aquestes persones revelen el que els il·lusiona fer exercici dia rere dia, setmana rere setmana.

Va començar a caminar amb maletes

Walking is more popular than running, according to the American Heart Association. And Danielle Luipersbeck, a certified wellness coach and personal trainer with the International Association of Wellness Professionals, found a way to make walking burn as many calories: a Goruck Challenge. The idea is to walk with a pack (rucksack) on your back. “This is what inspired me to move off the couch. Rucking is a training technique involving wearing a weighted pack. The Goruck Light Challenge was just so different. I had previously tried Zumba, walking, and step aerobics, but I never left any of those classes feeling strong