13 coses que passen al vostre cos quan mengeu una dieta vegeta

Com menjar una dieta vegetal per obtenir tots els beneficis per a la salut (i evitar possibles desavantatges) d’una dieta vegana.

Primer: Un estil de vida vegà comporta menjar una dieta totalment vegetal

Three percent of people in the United States are vegan, according to a 2018 Gallup poll. People choose to go vegan for many different reasons, whether it’s because they advocate for ethical treatment of animals or because they’re hoping to reap the health benefits of a vegan diet. It’s no secret that boosting your fruit and vegetable intake has major health perks, but that’s only if you do it the right way. Experts say a healthy vegan diet comes down to balance, conscientious eating, and food smarts. Make sure it’s a well-balanced diet that has a wide variety of foods