5 signes clars: el dolor a l'esquena misteriosa és l'artritis

Un mal d’esquena que no s’abandonarà pot no ser només d’aplicar-se, aixecar peses massa gruixudes o portar talons massa alts. Aquests signes indicatius suggereixen que es pot tractar d’artrosi o artritis de la columna vertebral

Et despertes del dolor

If your back hurts when you first get out of the bed in the morning, the pain may caused by the inflammation characteristic of arthritis. (By the way, here’s what to do if you wake up with back pain.) When there’s inflammation, it could be due to arthritic changes or a nerve. Pain can also be caused by a herniated disc, as it pushes out and hits the nerves in your spinal cord. Herniated discs are common with degenerative disc disease, which often accompanies osteoarthritis, or arthritis of the spine. With arthritis, the pain tends to get better during the day, but then in the evening it feels a little worse