7 signes d'una ictus que pot ignorar

El ictus és la cinquena causa de mort en el país. Es poden minimitzar els danys cerebrals provocats per accidents cerebrovasculars si es tracten de forma ràpida, però és freqüent que es faci un error d’ictus per a altres problemes de salut, cosa que retarda el tractament.

Mai ignori aquests signes d’un ictus

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In each minute of a stroke, your brain loses an estimated 1.9 million cells. Each hour a stroke goes untreated ages your brain the equivalent of three and a half years. The longer a stroke lasts or a patient doesn’t receive treatment, the greater the chance of lingering speech difficulties, memory loss, or behavioral changes. The earlier a stroke is caught, the better the treatment options, which can minimize damage and improve the odds of a fuller recovery. Stroke is scary. Denial is the biggest factor in delaying treatment. When I ask stroke patients in the ER why they waited to call 911, the most common response is that they wanted to see if it would go away